What We do ?

Awqaf Australia’s strategy is based on four pillars that form the comprehensive application for the principles of Islamic Endowments as illustrated in the diagrams below:


Inspired by our Islamic faith and guided by our values we envisage a caring society where communities are empowered, social obligations are fulfilled and people respond as one to the needs and sufferings of others. Awqaf Australia will mobilise resources, build partnerships, and develop local capacity, as we work to:

  • Awqaf Australia will utilise all its resources to raise money through encouraging people to endow cash, assets and shares to fulfil its activities and initiatives.
  • Awqaf Australia plans to implement about 70% of its initiatives through well established organizations by way of project implementation agreements, while implementing the other 30% in-house.
  • Awqaf Australia will adopt a clear set of selection criteria to select the appropriate organizational partner for each activity. We have the intention to engage with governments, the UN, fellow Charities, and – most importantly – local communities and other partners who share the same objectives as we do.